Simple, safe and immediately effective, this is the evolution of pig farming.

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Our Story

Every so often, a new idea comes along that revolutionizes the way we work. The legacy of family farming is marked by generational advancements in science and technology that allow us to grow faster, cleaner and better than ever before. Humic2O is the farming game-changer of this generation.

The all-natural Humic2O drinking water additive works to improve the digestibility of nutrients in piglets for higher, faster weight gains with improved feed conversion rates and reduced post-weaning scour. This simple and low-impact change to your process will result in healthier pigs, healthier conditions, and a trickle-down improvement to every aspect of your facilities.

Developed and distributed by local pig farmers right here in Western Ontario, Humic2O is Health Canada approved, community-based and backed by a promise you can rely on. Let us show you how easy it is to make Humic2O part of your operations and join the evolution of pig farming.

Higher, faster weight gains with improved feed conversion rates and reduced post-weaning scour.

Humic2O Benefits


Compound Benefits

better breeders

Better Sow Performance

Administering Humic2O to sows also contributes to happier, healthier sows and larger litters of healthier piglets.

manure management

Easier Manure Management

Humic2O helps to reduce and/or eliminate crusting / foaming / solids in the animal waste. With manure crust gone, it removes breeding ground for flies and transport system for rodents.

crop yield

Better Crop Yield

A higher nutrient value in the manure will result in better crop yields as the Humic2O benefits reach far beyond the pig barn.

Humic2O Test Results

We have partnered with local farmers to test Humic2O in their production line. Different farmers use different methods of measurement, but the following reported data illustrates consistent improvements in key metrics such as Average Daily Gains, Feed Conversion Rate and Days to Market.

pigs tested with Humic2O treated drinking water
5-12% average increase in daily weight gain (ADG)
5-12% average improvement in feed conversion rate (FCR)
Test 1

Test 1

A local producer tested Humic2O in one barn out of 10 and provided us with data from all 10 ten barns for a direct comparison.

Test 1

Test 2

A trial was conducted by another local producer with a control group and a Humic2O treated group of nursery pigs using the recommended rate of 0.5mL/L of drinking water.

Test 3

Data from our own 500 head barn in Middlesex County, Ontario showed that adding Humic2O to the drinking water resulted in these immediate improvements:

Test 4

This nursery test replaced their traditional post weaning scour treatment with Humic2O added to the drinking water for improved results at a comparable cost.

Test 5

This nursery trial compared the Humic2O results to their historical numbers. They were so surprised by the improvement, they decided to run a control group again (without Humic2O) after the test which only confirmed the difference.

Test 6

The following results were achieved in a Humic2O nursery trial of 40 days. No control data was provided, but it is clear that the results are in line with our other test reports.

General Observations

  • Humic2O will cause the drinking water to be slightly tea coloured.
  • One of the many modes of action of humates is as a chelator, which means it will bond with minerals and nutrients - even in your water lines, so in the beginning, you may find some sludge/residue in drinker or screens (depending on build-up in the pipes), but it will work itself out in short order.
  • The chelation may be a factor with any truly heavy waters (mineral dense)
  • Water intakes generally remain the same or raise slightly
  • Animals may seem more content - this is a normal result of improved gut function

Other Product Details

  • Active ingredients: Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid
  • Can be administered to swine, chickens, turkeys, dairy/beef cattle, goats, sheep and horses
  • Because Humic2O is a liquid concentrate, the easiest set-up is with a dosing medicator, but there are other options available
  • Health Canada approved under VHP: NN.D4F1


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Available in three standard formats:

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  • 205L (55 gallon) drums
  • 1,000L container

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Humic2O is developed, produced and distributed exclusively by MTS Environmental Inc.

Humic2O provides benefits for all livestock, including poultry, cattle, horses, sheep and goats, and even household pets.

Humic2O is natural and safe.

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